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Robert from WP Security Audit Log <robert@wpsecurityauditlog.com>


WSAL 3.4.1 – New import / export settings feature & hooks for developers

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https://www.wpsecurityauditlog.com?mc_cid=XXXXXXXXX&mc_eid= [UNIQID]
What is New in WP Security Audit Log Update 3.4.1
Hello ユーザー名,
Many of you have asked for it, and now it is here! Update 3.4.1 featuring the new Import & Export plugin settings feature (https://www.wpsecurityauditlog.com/support-documentation/export-import-plugin-settings?mc_cid=XXXXXXXXX&mc_eid= [UNIQID]) and several other improvements and bug fixes.
The new Import & Export configuration feature makes copying the audit log plugin’s configuration from one site to another really easy.
In addition, in this update we have also:
* Added a number of new hooks for developers (https://www.wpsecurityauditlog.com/support-documentation/list-hooks/?mc_cid=XXXXXXXXX&mc_eid= [UNIQID])
* Fine tuned the content sensor
* Improved the WordPress file integrity scanner in the plugin.
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Read More (https://www.wpsecurityauditlog.com/releases/update-3-4-1-import-export-plugin-settings/?mc_cid=XXXXXXXXX&mc_eid= [UNIQID])
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